Video Training for Internet Technicians

Guerrilla Productions
Video training scripts


Additional research & scriptwriting 

This London-based video production company was commissioned to produce an extensive series of video tutorials – on computer networking and the internet – targeted at the Indian market.

Guerrilla appointed a project manager/senior script editor and a technical editor to produce focused script briefs from the complex source material. A small team of writers then developed these briefs and wrote the detailed scripts explaining the subject and adding additional visual ideas to help student understanding.

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Hacking Methods and Tools

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Network Services

Keeping in Touch

Grafx Digital Technologies
Email campaign 

Many of Grafx’s customers are individuals using Macs and iDevices in the home and creative freelancers who need to be aware of developments affecting them.

An email newsletter style was created and issued on a twice-monthly basis promoting products, training sessions and encouraging retail shop visits.

Research, copy and production set-up

Know your Albums from your Events

Computers for Creatives

Grafx Digital Technologies

Concept and copy 

Grafx provide top quality support to the creative industries in the West of England.

Creating a newsletter to send to designers was interesting enough but talking about computer systems to non-technical people whose businesses relied on it was an added  challenge.

Christened ’42’ (the answer to life, the universe and everything) it tried to provide a relevant and interesting view of the industry as a whole and the role of systems within it.