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Use Your Imagination

The Imaginarium (CREATE)
Starter Pack

The Imaginarium begins with a simple suitcase … but this suitcase holds the unexpected. The contents are the starting point for community story-making sessions with countless benefits for all ages and abilities.

This starter pack is designed to instruct, to suggest, to inspire, and to spread the word about this amazing creative tool, and encourage people to set up and run their own Imaginarium sessions.

Branding, design, copy-editing, typesetting, picture research & editing, artwork and print management


From Service to Civvy Street

Two Worlds – From Service to Civvy Street
Exhibition Brochure

Two Worlds – Legacy was the third and final exhibition in a series charting the experiences of people who had made or were making the transition – for various reasons – from the services to ‘civvy street’.

The accompanying brochure reviewed the previous exhibitions and then illustrated this exhibition which focused on the memories and memorabilia of life in the services.


Layout, copy-editing, and artwork  

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Parallel Lives

Claque Theatre

Production of an informative programme for a community play in a Sussex village.

Part of a strong tradition of community plays, Parallel Lives  was produced as a promenade performance in the village church. All the actors and most of the ‘crew’ were local people, supported by a small professional team of director, writer and designer.

Layout, typesetting, copy editing, artwork and pre-press

The Vanishing Elephant

Claque Theatre

Production of a prestigious programme for a community play in local area of Tunbridge Wells.

It was this community project – originally called ‘Camden Road, The Musical’ – that gave birth to the current thriving  arts organisation CREATE (Camden Road Education, Arts, and Theatre Enterprise) which continues to be at the centre of its community.

Layout, typesetting, copy editing, artwork and pre-press


Planning for Life after School


Life of Your Own
Informational booklet 

A booklet used by special schools and targeted at carers, people with learning disabilities and others with support needs.

It was designed to help with planning for the transition from full time education  to adult life with the new concept of self-directed support.

Concept, design, copy-editing, layout & pre-press

A Place to Call Home

Cranbourne/Wychwood Homes (via agency)

Brochure for housing development

Houses are bought with emotion first and logic and practicality second.

Any residential property brochure needs to appeal to the imagination, and the introduction sets the scene before the plans and drawings explain the detail.

Their promotional agency were asked to develop a complete range of support material, including this product brochure.

Introduction copy

East Hendred - Dukes Orchard