A Long-running, Industry-credible Newsletter

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Picture research & editing
Layout & pre-press

Pioneering postal agency, ONEPOST, has produced a regular newsletter for over 10 years keeping its clients and prospects abreast of the latest news and information about the UK’s changing postal marketplace. Remarkably for a company publication it has achieved a respected position within the industry.

We have copy-edited well over 50 editions (16 or 20 A5 pages) of Post Impressions and handled all the picture research and editing, undertaken the typesetting and layout, and produced the final print-ready/digital artwork.

Linking a Community through the Arts

CREATE {Camden Road Educational Arts & Theatre Enterprise}

As a community arts organisation, CREATE strives to involve local residents and businesses in its activities.

These newsletters were distributed door-to-door by group members to extend the reach of CREATE’s message to its catchment area.

Concept, copy editing, layout & pre-press

Computers for Creatives

Grafx Digital Technologies

Concept and copy 

Grafx provide top quality support to the creative industries in the West of England.

Creating a newsletter to send to designers was interesting enough but talking about computer systems to non-technical people whose businesses relied on it was an added  challenge.

Christened ’42’ (the answer to life, the universe and everything) it tried to provide a relevant and interesting view of the industry as a whole and the role of systems within it.