Community Arts

Parallel Lives

Claque Theatre

Production of an informative programme for a community play in a Sussex village.

Part of a strong tradition of community plays, Parallel Lives  was produced as a promenade performance in the village church. All the actors and most of the ‘crew’ were local people, supported by a small professional team of director, writer and designer.

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The Vanishing Elephant

Claque Theatre

Production of a prestigious programme for a community play in local area of Tunbridge Wells.

It was this community project – originally called ‘Camden Road, The Musical’ – that gave birth to the current thriving  arts organisation CREATE (Camden Road Education, Arts, and Theatre Enterprise) which continues to be at the centre of its community.

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Promoting Arts in the Community

CREATE {Camden Road Educational Arts & Theatre Enterprise}


Built upon the enthusiasm for performance and community involvement that followed a local community theatre production in 2009, CREATE continues to run a community choir, book events, and improvised theatre  as well as running the successful Wintern Lantern Parade, held every February through the streets of Tunbridge Wells.

As the main means of keeping a diverse audience up-to-date with events the website is central to CREATE achieving its goal of involving the community.

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Linking a Community through the Arts

CREATE {Camden Road Educational Arts & Theatre Enterprise}

As a community arts organisation, CREATE strives to involve local residents and businesses in its activities.

These newsletters were distributed door-to-door by group members to extend the reach of CREATE’s message to its catchment area.

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Community Concerts

CREATE {Camden Road Educational Arts & Theatre Enterprise}
Posters & flyers 

The CREATE Community Choir (no auditions – everybody welcome) has developed a reputation over the last few years for producing very high quality Christmas and Summer Concerts – including a mix of readings as well as a songs to please a wide range of musical tastes.

The Summer Concerts have centred round a strong theme and these (as well as obviously Christmas) have provided the inspiration for the promotional material.

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Displaying our Arts

CREATE {Camden Road Educational Arts & Theatre Enterprise}
Display banner 

By its very community nature, CREATE is involved in a whole range of projects – so visitors to events can find it a little baffling.

This five foot high banner, used prominently at all events, was created to provide a brief overview of activities and provides a talking point for potential new members.

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