A Long-running, Industry-credible Newsletter

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Picture research & editing
Layout & pre-press

Pioneering postal agency, ONEPOST, has produced a regular newsletter for over 10 years keeping its clients and prospects abreast of the latest news and information about the UK’s changing postal marketplace. Remarkably for a company publication it has achieved a respected position within the industry.

We have copy-edited well over 50 editions (16 or 20 A5 pages) of Post Impressions and handled all the picture research and editing, undertaken the typesetting and layout, and produced the final print-ready/digital artwork.

From Service to Civvy Street

Two Worlds – From Service to Civvy Street
Exhibition Brochure

Two Worlds – Legacy was the third and final exhibition in a series charting the experiences of people who had made or were making the transition – for various reasons – from the services to ‘civvy street’.

The accompanying brochure reviewed the previous exhibitions and then illustrated this exhibition which focused on the memories and memorabilia of life in the services.


Layout, copy-editing, and artwork  

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Video Training for Internet Technicians

Guerrilla Productions
Video training scripts


Additional research & scriptwriting 

This London-based video production company was commissioned to produce an extensive series of video tutorials – on computer networking and the internet – targeted at the Indian market.

Guerrilla appointed a project manager/senior script editor and a technical editor to produce focused script briefs from the complex source material. A small team of writers then developed these briefs and wrote the detailed scripts explaining the subject and adding additional visual ideas to help student understanding.

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Hacking Methods and Tools

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Network Services

An Information Resource for Business

Business Link was the major channel for providing government and general business information to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Now replaced by a more government information oriented service as part of the October 2012 launch of, the original service offered a wide range of help and advice.

I contributed several articles on general business subjects.

Research & writing 

Safer Shipping

Major Shipping Line
(via agency)
Internal training material 

This major carrier of cargoes worldwide need to increase awareness of terrorism and security threats among its crews and staff and provide an understanding of how their actions contributed to the overall safety of the service.

This project was successfully co-ordinated across a team of writers.


Planning for Life after School


Life of Your Own
Informational booklet 

A booklet used by special schools and targeted at carers, people with learning disabilities and others with support needs.

It was designed to help with planning for the transition from full time education  to adult life with the new concept of self-directed support.

Concept, design, copy-editing, layout & pre-press

Government Spreads the Word

(via Editorial Agency) 

Launched in 2004, Directgov replaced the UK online portal carrying its own material, designed around users’ needs.

I wrote several items for the Money section of this ‘first generation’ website, designed to provide information for the general public about a wide range of money matters.

Although quite long, these articles were designed to be browsed online rather than read through.

Research & writing 

A Tax Test

Inland Revenue (now HMRC)

As part of the selection process to take part in the (then) Inland Revenue’s Better Guidance Programme to rewrite the tax manuals in plainer English, over 100 copywriters were asked to complete this standard copy test.


On the basis of this, I was selected as part of a team of 20.

It gives a good idea of ‘after’ (front page), with  ‘before’ on page 2.

Newsfeed for Car Sales Website

A car website – which attracted support from major advertisers such as Mitsubishi and DVLA – wanted to add topical interest to their site through a news service.

This service was in turn supplied to major UK Internet Service Providers (including Yahoo, BT Online, and UK Online) providing important audience reach.

Contracted to research and write five or six automotive news articles daily and also to support the editor in writing car reviews.

Research, writing, and editing